Friday, February 19, 2010

Breastfeeding Your Man Video Men - What Level Of Public Nudity Are You Ok With When It Comes To Your Girlfriend/wife?

Men - what level of public nudity are you ok with when it comes to your girlfriend/wife? - breastfeeding your man video

When you view your body is not acceptable if your GF / wife?
Okay topless? Only on the beach or in the pictures, too? What's going on girlie magazines? It is not entirely naked genitals while suspended? The look on his genitals, for example, to give birth to a video of his gf / wife? Is stripping / strip and no contact? What model nude for an art class? O-extraction for a good cause - such as a calendar of cancer or money for the institution of women or the troops or others? Breastfeeding is ok before your friends? Most people wonder where to draw the line? Thank you for your participation in any person who has the time to respond!


MJ said...

topless - OK
/ Photo beach - ok
Like guys - ok
completely bare - no
birth - not
Extraction / strip - H * ll No
Art class - no
Breastfeeding - not

that's a good question

Eiliat said...

Uh, no. Not that I dress like a nun, but not naked with other people, why should he? I mean, there are scenarios where this is understandable, but this only gave a nudist beach where I stood there and said it was OK (not), or breastfeeding if there is nowhere he could go somewhere Nearby would be ok.

Nic said...

The warm tones.
But it is quite reasonable for a guy to be totally against such without nursing. If you are against breast feeding, which is a sign of deeper issues.

t.andrew... said...

It would be uncomfortable with any level, but it will not stop if I wanted without the top. Everything else in public, in my opinion, unpleasant.

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